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an effective way to control your smartphone addiction!

We have a wild idea: go ahead and see just how little you can use your phone!

We’ve flipped phone games on their head. If you want to excel, at bSociable you must stop using your phone.
That’s right – if you want to score bSociable time and reach your targets, you simply start the game and try not to use your phone.

Note: the bSociable game can not run in the background or in sleep mode, the Auto-Lock feature of your phone will be disabled during play-mode.

Please keep your phone safe at all times while using the b-social game.

Turn the Tables on Your SmartPhone and Start Living

Looking at this page on a smartphone? You’re not alone. The odds are that like most people you are looking at your smartphone scene a whole lot. Smartphones are great, but what about life? There’s a lot happening all around you, and you may be missing out.

Thousands of great apps and games often mean that we spend countless hours glued to our small screen devices. But now a new trend of apps is emerging. anti-apps are here to help you take control of your screen time and provide you with a new understanding of your general phone use.
With anti apps, a great tool is made even better!

Why b-social?

We’re so glad you asked! Far too many of us are glued to our smartphones and we’re all missing “stuff.” Like what kind of “stuff?” Life!

We’re missing out on everything that is happening around us. Life is made out of precious moments, and bSociable helps you enjoy more of them each and every day.

bSociable was developed to help you reduce your screen time. We want you to be more social so you don’t miss out on all of life’s great experiences and memories.

Whether you are a heavy or casual smartphone user, this app can help you reduce your screen time. Want to engage with the world around you? How about catch a little more sleep? bSociable is the answer!

Below you’ll find some articles and research outlining why we think the bSociable app is so relevant, important and useful. We think an app like b-social could be the most useful one out there.

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collect social time

bSociable might just be the most valuable app on your smartphone! There is now an easy and intuitive way to see how much social time you can collect.
It all begins by simply starting a game and putting your phone aside.

You can even set a target and try to reach that goal!

Sometimes you can love something a little too much!

Smartphones may actually lead to less fun, more boredom, more distress and less human contact. Yikes!

view your history

Review your history with the table showing only days that you collected social time.

The first time you run bSociable you can add sample data to see what the history will look like.

compare to the world

View a graph showing how your times compare to the rest of the world.

Choose to show your totals or the reached targets and filter the graph data by your age group and sex.

Average bSociable Time

compare your own data to the world inside the app

How often do you check your phone?

Twice a day? Once every hour? More?
According to figures collected by a screen lock app, the average user actually checks their phone around 110 times day!
During peak times this equates to once every six or seven seconds, with some users unlocking their devices up to 900 times over the course of a day! That is just not healthy!

Read more here!

Victoria Woollaston

Daily Mail (UK)

Connected, but alone?

As we expect more from technology, do we expect less from each other? Sherry Turkle studies how our devices and online personas are redefining human connection and communication and asks us to think deeply about the new kinds of connection we want to have.

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Sherry Turkle

TED Talk video

Classroom smartphone addicts are developing damaging workplace habits

A startling new study from Baylor University in the US has indicated that approximately 60% of college students admit they may be addicted to their phones. Researchers found that female students spend an average of 10 hours a day on their phones, while men spend nearly eight hours a day.

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Terence Tse

The Conversation

Research Shows The More You Use Your Phone, The Less Fun You’ll Have

Your smartphone may seem like the portal to entertainment (where else are you going to play Angry Birds and scroll through Instagram?), but new research is suggesting otherwise.

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Lindsay Holmes

The Huffington Post

Computers in Human Behavior

A recent study of the relationship between mobile phone use and leisure of 500 college students showed that the high use group was ‘more susceptible to boredom and distress’.

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Andrew Lepp, Jian Li, Jacob E. Barkley, Saba Salehi-Esfahani

Science Direct

What’s happening to our interpersonal relationships?

Results demonstrated that the mere presence of mobile communication technology might interfere with the development of human relationship formation.

Read more here!

Andrew K. Przybylski , Netta Weinstein

University of Essex, UK

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